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News — Molecular cuisine

Steven and Chris Show on CBC

agar calcium chloride carrageenan CBC John Placko kappa iota Molecular cuisine molecular gastronomy Sodium Alginate stevenandchris

Yes. Our products were featured on Episode 117 with smoked salad, flexible chocolate, chocolate twigs, blueberry fluid gel, carbonated strawberries, etc.   Recipe for balsamic pearls  

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"In search of perfection" Molecular cuisine workshop @Cedarlane Culinary

cedarlane culinary John Placko Liquid Nitrogen Modernist Cuisine Molecular cuisine molecular gastronomy Royce Li sous vide

Royce Li writes about molecular cuisine in his latest "In search of perfection" blog.

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Insauga, inChef series

insauga John Placko Liquid Nitrogen mississauga Modernist Cuisine Molecular cuisine molecular gastronomy sous vide

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Good Food Revolution interview. Featuring Powder for Texture products.

agar carrageenan cedarlane culinary good food revolution humber college John Placko kappa iota Malcolm Jolley Modernist Cuisine Molecular cuisine molecular gastronomy Nathan Myhrvold Nella Cucina sous vide

Here's an interview with Malcolm Jolley @nellacucina  

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innerSPACE comes to Humber College, molecular gastronomy class

cynthia loyst humber college innerspace john placko Molecular cuisine molecular gastronomy space channel

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