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About Us

Powder for Texture is a range of ingredients that are used to create a vast array of unique textures with foods and beverages. These ingredients are the basis for many molecular cuisine and mixology techniques.  You may have seen the products on Canada AM, Global TV's 16 x 9, the Space Channel, etc.

Powder for Texture is also available at Nella Cucina, Nella Mississauga, Cheese Boutique, Cocktail Emporium, Testek )Montreal) and Willow Cakes and Pastries (Niagara-on-the-lake). We've collaborated with a number of organizations including Humber College, Guelph Food Technology Centre, Liaison College, George Brown College and Le Cordon Bleu to bring molecular cuisine presentations and workshops to chefs, pastry chefs, foodies and home cooks. 

These ingredients are used in techniques like spherification, gelification, aeration, emulsification, etc.  The world's best, and most creative restaurants use unique ingredients to create signature, mind-blowing dishes.

 John Placko