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Glycerine flakes- 300 g


The mark of exceptional ingredients for modernist cooking, Glycerine Flakes are a white powdery flake used as an emulsifier for water and oil. However, despite the name, it doesn't contain any glycerin. Glycerin flakes are high stability emulsifiers composed of monoglyceride and diglyceride taken from the fats of glycerin and fatty acids. They are used primarily to emulsify water and oil. Must be dissolved in 60ºC oil before being added to water (1g for 50g of oil). 
You can also thicken oil to a margarine consistency when heating flakes to 65 degrees C in oil. Use 8 g flakes to 100 g oil. Allow the mix to sit at room temperature to thicken or place into the refrigerator for a thicker set.   

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