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Sodium citrate 400 g

Sodium citrate 400 g


Sodium citrate makes the best cheese sauce (recipe below).

Sodium citrate is also used to buffer pH when makes pearls/caviar. Add 1 g per 250 ml of liquid before you incorporate the sodium alginate.



Add 200 ml milk to a pot and add 8 g sodium citrate. Bring to a simmer while mixing with a whisk. Now add 200 g grated cheddar cheese, a quarter at a time while emulsifying with an immersion blender (Bamix) after each addition of cheese. Remove from heat.
Use as a hot cheese dip or cool and use as a cold cheese dip base to add to. Perfect for a mac'n' cheese sauce. Freeze the excess and thaw with no weeping.
For Parmesan cheese sauce, increase milk to 250 ml.

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