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Vacmaster Chamber Vacuum Model 545

Vacmaster Chamber Vacuum Model 545


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The Vacmaster VP545 chamber vacuum packaging machine is ideal for vacuum packaging liquids and liquid rich foods, sucking air out of the entire chamber when sealing, not just the bag itself. By doing so, the air pressure is equalized both inside and outside the bag, keeping liquids in and ensuring a superior seal every time. Perfect for commercial operations with limited counter space, this floor model comes with 2 filler plates and 4 easy rolling casters so you can move the unit out of the way when it's not in use. 

The Vacmaster VP545 features a 1.5 hp oil vacuum pump, and two 20" wide seal bars with double wires for optimum results. It's easy to use and clean too, thanks to its crystal clear digital display and stainless steel construction. Requires a 110V electrical connection.

The gas flush system that the VP545 comes with is designed to remove the oxygen and replace it with a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen for longer product life. It's great for use when you want to package items that shouldn't be compressed, like soft fruits, dried food, chips, pasta, and even pre-cooked meals.

Consult your local authorized gas supplier for assistance in buying, regulating and connecting the gas to the machine. 

Overall Dimensions: 
Width: 25" 
Depth: 24" 
Height: 41" 

Chamber Dimensions: 
Width: 21 1/4" 
Depth: 20 3/4" 
Height: 7"

**This item is shipped on a skid and may require additional fees depending on your location. A customer service representative will be contacting you for details when you order this item!

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