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“Source Turbo” Essential Oil Extraction Appliance

“Source Turbo” Essential Oil Extraction Appliance


The Source is an easy to use appliance for extracting plant essences. Plant essences are key to the smell, taste, and other properties.

The first step in making plant extracts is to make a tincture which is a solution made from the combination of plant matter and food-grade grain alcohol (we recommend 190 proof / 95% or better). The oils of some plants, such as mint and lavender, dissolve in alcohol very quickly (5 to 20 minutes). Others, such as vanilla or rose petals, may take hours or longer for the best result.

The second step is to simply use the Source Turbo to separate the plant essence from the tincture. After straining and filtering the tincture to remove the plant matter and residues, fill the reservoir cup with the infused alcohol and put it into the unit. After putting the lid on, activate the Source via the app or the front control panel. Once activated a pump generates a vacuum inside the chamber thus lowering the boiling point of the alcohol. At the same time the reservoir cup is gently heated to about 40°C. As the alcohol is evaporated from the tincture, it accumulates in the collector, and the plant extract remains in the reservoir cup. The extraction can be ended at any point, as the target consistency depends completely on preference and intended use. Consistency can vary from oil, sap to wax-like substance depending on the extraction time. About 95% of the alcohol is captured for reuse. Unit comes with an ice tray which speeds the condensation.

The mobile App (Android or iOS) let you monitor the time, temperature, vacuum level and set altitude.

*Not designed for commercial or continuous use

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