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SousVide Gourmet Cookbook

SousVide Gourmet Cookbook


Sous Vide Gourmet features sous vide recipes developed by some of America’s top chefs, pairing complex flavors and gourmet ingredients in a format that any home cook can recreate. The step-by-step recipes, along with plating instructions and side dish pairings, will soon have you cooking like the pros in your own kitchen. From the elegant Sassafras Scented Duck Breast to the exotic Short Ribs with Yemenite Spices, these mouth-watering sous vide dishes will wow your dinner guests.
Sous Vide Gourmet features exclusive sous vide recipes developed by an all-star lineup of culinary greats: 
  • Alex Seidel, Chef and Owner of Fruition Restaurant in Denver, Colorado;
  • Phillip Foss, Chef and Blogger for, Chicago, Illinois;
  • Jason Wilson, Chef and Owner of CRUSH in Seattle, Washington;
  • Michael Solomonov, Chef and Owner of Zahav in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Though elite chefs in multi-star restaurants have relied on the sous vide technique to cook fabulous food for decades, the trend to move this “culinary secret” out of the restaurant kitchen and onto the kitchen countertop is a fairly recent phenomenon. In a short space of time, foodies and DIY gourmet cooks have eagerly embraced sous vide cooking as a means to create such perfection themselves at home. This book allows the home cook to experiment with exotic ingredients and beautiful plating, bringing out the best in whatever is being cooked. Delicious recipes for game, seafood, lamb, beef, and complementary side dishes simplify gourmet meal preparation. It's a must-have for every sous vide cook. 

Book details:
• Soft Cover 
• Publisher: Paradox Press, January 2012 
• 64 pages 
• 6.75 x 6.75 inches (17 x 17 cm)
• Full-color photos 
• Step-by-step sous vide recipes 

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