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Polyscience series 300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Polyscience series 300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


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The 300-series chamber vacuum sealer from Polyscience is designed for the home chef. By using a dry piston pump instead of an oil-lubricated pump this vacuum sealer is virtually maintenance-free and an affordable entry level chamber sealer.

The chamber design lets you package both dry foods and liquid without damage to the pump.    

Rated for home use only


●Excels at vacuum sealing both dry foods and liquids such as soups and stews

●Operates at the simple push of a button

●Three preset buttons can be programmed to provide the exact vacuum levels, vacuum hold times and seal times for meats, fish and even infusions

●A built-in marinate cycle broadens your abilities even further

●Maintenance-free, single piston vacuum pump





Sealing length /

Longueur du scellé

11.5” (29 cm)

Vaccum Pump / Pompe à Vide

Single Piston Dry Pump /

Pompe à simple piston  

Chamber dimensions /

Dimensions de l’enceinte

13.8” X 12” X 4.3”H

Overall dimensions / Dimensions hors tout

16.7” X 14.2” X 13.8”H

Shipping weight / Poids d’expédition

60 lbs

Warranty / Garantie

1 year / an



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