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VACMASTER Chamber Vacuum Sealer-VP115.

VACMASTER Chamber Vacuum Sealer-VP115.


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The VACMASTER® VP115 Chamber Machine gets back to basics with traditional commercial technology and design. This machine is engineered to be user-friendly, allowing for simple changes in vacuum and seal time. Beyond that, just close the lid and it goes! The VP115 is reliable, maintenance free and easy to use, making it great for vacuum packaging at home or a useful tool in running a small business operation. The VACMASTER® VP115 Chamber Machine is so simple, it can practically run itself!

How does the chamber machine work? When sealing with a chamber machine, the vacuum pouch is placed inside the chamber and the lid is closed. Air is sucked out of the entire chamber, not just the pouch itself. This allows air pressure on both the inside and outside of the pouch to remain equal and liquids to stay inside the pouch. The pouch is then fully sealed and air is returned back into the chamber. The VACMASTER® VP115 Chamber Machine is so amazing, you’ll want to vacuum package everything that’s not nailed down! The VP115 accepts chamber pouches up to 10”W x 13”L.


  • 45 Assorted Vacuum Chamber Pouches
  • User’s Guide

Ideal for:

  • Vacuum packaging soups, stews, and marinades
  • Keeping game meat and fish fresher longer
  • Storing meats and fish scent free
  • Eliminating waste of bulk quantities of foods
  • Perfect for sous vide applications

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