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Molecular Cuisine Kit

Molecular Cuisine Kit


This molecular cuisine starter kit includes all the ingredients and tools you’ll need to make a variety of techniques and preparations. The kit contains; 

6 x plastic test tubes in a black holder

1 digital pocket scale that measures from 0.1 g up to 300 g

10 x 5 ml pipettes 

1 x food grade syringe to make sweet or savoury spaghetti gels

2 metre long food safe plastic tubing for sweet or savoury spaghetti gels

3 x squeeze bottles for fluid gels, making caviar, sauces, etc 

1 strainer for caviar or reverse spherification spheres

1 x foam cooler for liquid nitrogen preparations or reverse spherification


And one of each of the ingredients 

Agar 60 g

Xanthan 70 g

ultra tex 8 50 g

Versawhip 35 g

Soy lecithin 50 g 

Sodium alginate 60 g 

Calcium chloride 90 g 

Iota carrageenan 70 g

Kappa carrageenan 50 g

Calcium lactate gluconate 65 g


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