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Klear Cook VacPac - 125 pouches (20 cm x 30 cm)

Klear Cook VacPac - 125 pouches (20 cm x 30 cm)


KLEARCOOK™VACPAC - Sealable Solutions

The KLEARCOOK™VACPAC system is here.

KLEARCOOK™VACPAC pouches are created using the same technology as our KLEARCOOK™SHEETS and are available in two distinctly popular sizes, quart (8" x 12"- 20 cm x 30 cm)

Manufactured with three sealed sides, a quarter inch lip for easy opening and a "breather valve" to release pressure.  The open end of the KLEARCOOK™VACPAC pouch can be sealed with a standard heat bar sealer or vacuum chamber machine.  Once sealed you are ready to go.  Freeze it to -40 C. or cook on any heat platform including flat-top griddle, dry fry pan, microwave oven, combi-oven or even a panini grill.

The maximum temperature rating for KLEARCOOK™VACPAC is 425 F. or 220 C.  KLEARCOOK™VACPAC also works perfectly in a sous-vide environment with the added ability of being able to brown or finish in higher temperatures without ever removing product(s) from the pouch.  KLEARCOOK™VACPAC pouches can offer professional chefs and serious home cooks the best of both worlds.




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