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Calvisius Caviar (Fresh, sustainable caviar from Italy)

Fresh, sustainable caviars that come from farm raised sturgeon in Italy.

All use strictly traditional techniques including the important method “Malossol” Russian word  that means “little salt”.

  • Da Vinci Caviar
    - Comes from the Adriatic Sturgeon – Acipenser Nacaarii.
    - An Italian species which is typical in the Adriatic sea.
    - This is our least expensive caviar.
    - The taste is intense with smooth consistency.
    - Egg size is characterized as medium at 2.4 mm. 
    - Colouring is clear in shades of brown to black.
    - This fish requires a 10 year life cycle.

  • Tradition Caviar
    - Comes from the White Sturgeon – Acipenser Transmontanus
    - This caviar comes from the white sturgeon, a species from the Pacific coasts of North America.
    - This is the longest living of the sturgeon species, up to 100 years old, is 800 kg and up to 6 metres long.
    - Taste is elegant and delicate
    - Egg size is large at 3 mm. 
    - Colouring varying from dark grey to black.
    - This fish requires a 11 year life cycle.

  • Oscietra Caviar
    - Comes from the Oscietra Sturgeon – Acipenser Gueldensteadtii
    - It comes from the sturgeon of the same name also known as Russian sturgeon.
    - It’s a medium size fish at 50 kg.
    - Taste is slightly nutty.
    - Egg size is medium at 2.6-2.9 mm.
    - Colouring varies from dark brown to beige.
    - This fish requires a 9-11 year life cycle.
  • Sevruga Caviar
    - Comes from the Starry sturgeon- Acipenser stellatus.
    - it’s a sturgeon that rarely exceeds 25 kg.
    - this caviar boasts a rather aromatic flavour.
    - the eggs are small at approx 2 mm.
    - the color varies from light to charcoal grey.
    - This sturgeon is extremely delicate to breed and it takes on average 7-9 years to mature.