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Molecular Gastronomy; Scientific Cuisine Demystified.

Molecular Gastronomy; Scientific Cuisine Demystified.


Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Cuisine Demystified aims to clarify and explain the fascinating world of molecular gastronomy. It offers the reader crucial knowledge of key ingredients and provides fundamental step-by-step techniques for application. It provides a foundation for experimenting with and, most importantly, understanding new and exciting ingredients and cooking techniques. Author- Jose Sanchez.

Chapter 1: Modern Cooking Evolution and Its Pioneers and Practitioners

Chapter 2: Sanitation and Safety

Chapter 3: Equipment and Tool Identification

Chapter 4: Introduction to Hydrocolloids: New Frontier

Chapter 5: Food Hydrocolloids: Thickeners, Gelling Agents Emulsifiers, and Stabilizers

Chapter 6: Sweeteners, Antioxidants, and Others

Chapter 7: Overview of Techniques

Chapter 8: Small Treats, Hot and Cold

Chapter 9: Surprises

Chapter 10 : Composed Dishes

Chapter 11 : Sweets


Weight Conversion Chart

Measurement Conversion of Commonly Used Ingredients

Length Conversion Chart

Temperature Chart

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